Aligning Your Investments with Your Values: ESG 401k Retirement Options

May 12 | 2021

2:00 pm ET


May 12 | 2021

3:00 pm ET


As we work to grow the clean energy economy, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) and Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN) are always seeking ways to make business easier for our members. In 2021, we’re launching a new member benefit to make your 401(k) not only better, but it will provide more sustainable investment options. Join us on May 12th at 2pm ET for a webinar to learn more.

This is an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainable 401(k) retirement plan for our own employees.  You’ll learn about options to either build an ESG option into your existing 401(k) with your current advisor or build a better plan. With the BCSE/CEBN plan you can:

  • Spend less time on retirement plan administration and more time focused on your organization’s goals.
  • Provide a high-value, competitive benefits package that can help you attract and retain top talent.
  • Benefit from an expert team of investment specialists and provide fiduciary protection.
  • Attract and retain employees in the clean energy sector by offering a retirement plan that aligns with their sustainability values.

We will hear from the partners on the BCSE/CEBN plan—Natixis Investment Managers and TriBridge Partners —about how our team can work for your retirement plan. We’ll also hear from several of our partners about how the Sustainable Target Date Fund has been beneficial for their own companies and organizations, and how it has helped with their returns, employee retention, and achieving their climate goals.

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  • Lisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy
  • Phil Jordan, Vice President, BW Research
  • Lynn Abramson, President, Clean Energy Business Network
  • Jim Roach, Senior Vice President, Retirement Strategies, Natixis
  • Peter Rothstein, President, Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC)
  • Chris Schneider, Director, Corporate Investment Division, TriBridge Partners

We hope you’ll join us on May 12, 2021 from 2:00-3:00 pm ET.