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CTLR’s #HumansOfCleantech: Meet Patty Wright

Check out Patty’s profile on CTLR’s #HumansOfCleantech series: “I began working in a law firm again, just doing what I could to survive. I went back and got my two-year degree and learned about renewable energy, and I thought, ‘I want to be a part of this. This is going to change the world as we know it.'”


Clean Energy Spotlights (November 2022)

Every other month, CEBN will shine a spotlight on changemakers across our premium member network. This month, the spotlight is on clean energy businesses who are taking advantage of pitch competitions, federal policy, and local partners to build their impact. Plus, meet new CEBN members and fellows!


Clean Energy Spotlights (September 2022)

Every other month, CEBN will shine a spotlight on clean energy changemakers across our premium member network. This month, the spotlight is on businesses building resilient microgrids, developing organics-to-renewable energy projects, performing energy retrofits, and supplying electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Clean Energy Spotlights (July 2022)

At CEBN, we see innovators and entrepreneurs every day working to create a more affordable, sustainable, and accessible clean energy future. We will be sharing stories of our Premium Members as examples of clean energy change makers.

This month, meet small businesses championing data analytics, solar power, batteries, and engineering solutions to push clean energy forward.


Ampcera (Tucson, AZ): Inflation Reduction Act offers a road beyond price volatility

The Arizona Daily Star, August 2022

Sumin Zhu, PhD, CEO of Ampcera, authored an op-ed published in the Arizona Daily Star explaining how the Inflation Reduction Act will support clean energy jobs and reduce reliance on foreign fossil fuels.
Ampcera has a scalable and low cost solid-state electrotype technology with applications for lithium batteries, battery recycling, and electric vehicle charging, and has production facilities in Tucson, Arizona.
Zhu writes, “The Inflation Reduction Act provides $369 billion in investments to speed up the transition to a clean energy economy and save Arizona consumers significant amounts annually… Rocky Mountain Institute projects clean energy tax credits similar to those in this package would reduce utility bills $5 billion by 2024, and Rhodium Group estimates these policies would reduce energy costs 12-14% for households by 2030.

4.0 Analytics Outfits Municipal Fleet for “Green Initiative”

In concert with Earth Day on Friday, April 22, the City of East Orange, New Jersey is planning to officially launch its “Green Initiative” — a dynamic new partnership with 4.0 Analytics.


Tectonicus (Tuscon, AZ): Senators should push for cleantech to combat drought

The Arizona Daily Star, November 2021

Ben Lepley, Founder of Tectonicus, authored an op-ed published in the Arizona Daily Star explaining how clean energy can reduce water demand and combat the cause of droughts.
Tectonicus, headquartered in Tucson, AZ, works at the nexus of water and energy, and has deployed projects in Arizona, as well as across Asia.
Lepley writes, “If we don’t act now, not only will our farmers continue to suffer while our groundwater reserves become depleted, but we’ll miss the opportunity to secure our share of the exponentially growing clean-tech market.”

Pickering Energy Solutions (Williamstown, WV): Up to Us to Move Forward

The News and Sentinel, November 2021

Charles Pickering, Founder of Pickering Energy Solutions, authored an op-ed published in the News and Sentinel explaining the opportunities clean energy provides West Virginia’s economy.
Pickering writes, “West Virginia is uniquely poised to be able to deliver this to the eastern seaboard — we’re already wired for it. We have the land and the natural resources to grasp these opportunities and have our workforce ready and willing to help. It’s up to us and our senators to participate in a big way in the future of power generation going forward, and the Build Back Better bill will help us reach that future faster.”
Pickering Energy Solutions, established 2012 in Williamstown, WV, deploys solar projects for municipal buildings, schools and universities, non-profits, and businesses.

Gulf Coast Clean Energy (Bay City, TX): Letter to the Editor – National Clean Energy Week

The Bay City Tribune, September 2020

Loy Sneary, Founder of Gulf Coast Clean Energy, authored a letter to the editor printed in The Bay City Tribune expressing support for National Clean Energy Week.

Gulf Coast Clean Energy, headquartered in Bay City, Texas, specializes in the waste heat to power technology across geothermal, oil and gas, solar thermal, and internal combustion engine industrial applications.


Political Climate Podcast: How to Reboot the US  Clean Energy EconomyGreen

Greentech Media, September 25, 2020

Julia Pyper, Senior Editor at Greentech Media, interviewed three CEBN members on this week’s episode of Political Climate. They discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their businesses and how policy can move forward to better the economy and the clean energy future.

Listen to the podcast here.


Echogen (Akron, OH): Advanced energy storage could be Ohio’s next boom with the help of federal investment tax credits, December 11, 2019

In an op-ed for, Echogen Power Systems CEO Phil Brennan made the case to include storage as a qualifying technology for the existing Investment Tax Credit, which has had a remarkable track record in attracting investors. Congress is weighing energy tax credit extensions and expansions in an end-of-year spending deal.

Learn more about Echogen.


Chaac Technologies (Salt Lake City, UT): Potential Energy DC Summer Pitch Night

Chaac Technologies participated in a pitch night with Potential Energy DC on June 27, 2019. View a recording of Chaac’s pitch below:

Learn more on the Chaac Technologies website.