Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize: Ideation and Teaming Event

January 26 | 2022

2:30 pm ET


January 26 | 2022

4:00 pm ET


The impacts of climate change have not fallen evenly across the U.S., with low-income populations and populations of color facing disproportionately higher exposure to pollution and risk. These communities have also been full of innovators and change-makers, but have historically lacked access to resources from clean energy and climate initiatives. The Biden Administration has launched the Justice40 Initiative, which aims to deliver 40% of climate investment benefits to disadvantaged communities and inform equitable research, development, and deployment within DOE. As a result, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Department of Energy (DOE) have created a new, cross-cutting funding opportunity to support community partnerships: the Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize.

Collaborations between researchers, businesses, nonprofits, and/or universities often make for strong grant applications. This Ideation and Teaming Event is an opportunity to meet others working in clean energy projects to build connections and partnerships before applications are due on February 25th.

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The Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize will provide a total of $2.5 million in funding to up to 10 teams to advance ideas for a just and equitable transition. The winners of Phase One will receive cash awards of $200,000 each. Phase One winners will be eligible to participate in a Phase Two of the prize 12 months later, during which time it is anticipated that a total of $500,000 will be awarded to up to three teams. The deadline to apply is February 25, 2022.