Powering Forward Ep. 5 | Election Scenarios and Impacts for the Clean Energy Economy

October 27 | 2020

12:00 pm ET


October 27 | 2020

1:00 pm ET


The fifth installment of Powering Forward will be held in partnership with Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP on October 27 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET.  The webinar will explore possible national election scenario outcomes, as well as potential impacts on the clean energy economy and prospects for federal action on energy and climate change.

As part of the webinar, the BCSE will discuss an updated set of Principles and Recommendations for Energy and Climate Change Policy, to inform advocacy and consideration of policy and legislative proposals in the next Congress and administration.

Watch the recording here

Featured speaker:

Industry Respondents:

  • Emily Duncan, Chairman, BCSE Board of Directors and Director, Federal Government Relations, National Grid US
  • Nanette Lockwood, Senior Director, Climate Policy and Advocacy, Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, Trane Technologies
  • Chris Mathey, Vice President of Government Relations, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions
  • Malcolm Woolf, President and CEO, National Hydropower Association
  • Jim Wrathall, General Counsel, New Energy Equity

About Powering Forward

Powering Forward is a webinar series from the Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the Clean Energy Business Network that examines developments across the clean energy economy in the U.S. This series acknowledges unique impacts facing clean energy industries during the COVID-19 crisis, along with the vital role of our sectors in a post COVID-19 era. Each episode is produced collaboratively with partners working to advance clean energy, demonstrating that together, we can power forward through this crisis to emerge as a stronger, more resilient America.

​​​​​​​Powering Forward is made possible with support from Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum, in the lead up to National Clean Energy Week, September 21-25, 2020. The series is also supported by Natixis Investment Managers, pioneer of the first ESG-driven 401(k) target date mutual funds.