Webinar: What’s it Worth? Determining the Value of Your Business

December 10 | 2019

2:30 pm EST


December 10 | 2019

3:30 pm EST


If you had to sell your business tomorrow, what could you get for it?

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In this special webinar, Beau Butler, ASA-BV, a director of valuation services at Weaver, explains the basics of business valuation. When do you need a valuation? How can you identify potential buyers? You will also learn about the fundamentals of two of the basic approaches to valuation: the income approach and the market approach. In addition, Beau will help you understand discounts for lack of control and marketability and how they are applied to privately held businesses.

Whether you’re currently considering a sale or just focused on building your company’s long-term value, register now for the free webinar to understand the fundamentals of valuation!

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