2018 Midterm Elections Update and Energy Digitization Webcast

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Clean Energy Business Network hosted this two-part webinar examining the 2018 midterm election results as well as emerging trends in energy digitization. Tom Hassenboehler, Founder and Executive Director of the Energy Consumer Market Alignment Project (EC-MAP), provided an overview of his nonprofit organization’s mission and significant questions facing the energy industry in the face of growing digitization. EC-MAP envisions “an energy future where digital technologies drive greater transparency, fair competition, and consumer choice—and where policy enables innovation instead of creating market barriers.” Liam Donovan, Principal at Bracewell LLP, shared insights on how the 2018 Midterm elections have altered the power dynamics in Washington, and what to expect in the 116th Congress.

Watch the full presentation below:


The Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN) works to advance the clean energy economy through policy, public education, and business support for small- and medium-size energy companies. Started in 2009 by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the CEBN is now a small business division of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy. The CEBN represents 3,000+ business leaders across all 50 U.S. states working with a broad range of clean energy and transportation technologies.