BCSE and CEBN Statement on Social and Economic Justice

June 4, 2020 | Lisa Jacobson, President, BCSE & Lynn Abramson, President, CEBN

The Business Council for Sustainable Energy and Clean Energy Business Network condemn racism in all its forms. We stand in solidarity in the fight for justice and a more equitable society. Our organizations are committed to advancing a more equitable future within the clean energy economy and beyond, and we recognize the significant—and often tragic—disparities that exist for people of color.

In reflecting on how to make progress within our society, we must also look internally at the energy sector. As we grow the clean energy workforce and leadership opportunities within it, we must challenge ourselves to seek greater diversity and inclusivity in our industries. This is especially important as we work to alleviate the disproportionate impact of climate change upon minority and low-income communities. As corporate leaders, we have an important voice in contributing to proactive and thoughtful solutions to racial and economic divides.