CEBN Joins Coalition Letter, Continues Push for Federal Cleantech Innovation Support

June 13, 2022 | Andy Barnes, Director of Policy & Communications, CEBN

Last week, CEBN joined Third Way, NRDC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and more than 50 other organizations on a letter to congressional leaders in support of significant, targeted increases for federal cleantech innovation programs at the Department of Energy (DOE) in FY 2023.

The letter highlights the remarkable track record of DOE research, development, demonstration, and deployment programs across a suite of clean energy technologies. CEBN is fully supportive of efforts to double down on this success, and as this coalition letter states, “provide opportunities for American workers, boost the U.S. economy, export American innovation, and reduce carbon emissions.”

This letter comes on the heels of CEBN’s annual appropriations advocacy meetings with Congressional offices. This year, CEBN staff spearheaded a set of 45 meetings with 43 business leaders to push Congress for continued robust funding for cleantech innovation programs in the 2023 federal budget.

Many participating businesses have received transformative funding from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. SBIR’s 40-year track record of successful commercialization support includes early funding for companies like Qualcomm, the formation of 700 public companies, and approximately $41 billion in venture capital investments. The program is at risk of lapsing if Congress does not act by October 1st to reauthorize it.

CEBN sent a letter to Congress in April supported by over 110 cleantech business leaders, urging support for a provision within the House-passed COMPETES Act, which would extend SBIR funding for five years.