CEBN Congratulates FY21 SBIR/STTR Awardees

June 16, 2020 | Zainab Mirza, Program Associate

Last week, the Department of Energy announced 235 American small businesses were collectively awarded $54 million through the 2021 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.

DOE’s SBIR/STTR programs serve a critical role in accelerating clean energy innovation. This program has historically helped small businesses address technology challenges across cleantech including in nuclear energy, cybersecurity, bioenergy, hydrogen, and fuel cells. The FY 2021 awardees are continuing this legacy of pushing technology forward across the clean energy economy.

The CEBN is especially honored to congratulate three CEBN premium members and five active advocates for clean energy innovation that have been awarded FY21 funding. 

Premium Members

  • Bettergy – Peekskill, NY: Bettergyfocuses on advanced battery and fuel cell technologies for energy storage and nanopore engineered membranes technologies, including separation membranes and ionic conductive membranes.  
  • Molecule Works – Richland, WA: Molecule Works is the innovator of ultra-thin, porous metal membranes used for molecular separations and electro-chemical reactions.  Applications being commercialized include high efficiency refrigerant free air dehumidification/air conditioning, low-costenergy efficient ethanol dewatering, and low-cost algae harvesting.
  • Echogen Power Systems– Akron, OH: Echogen develops power generation systems that convert heat to electrical or mechanical power with superior efficiency over traditional systems using a closed-loop cycle with super critical CO2.

Active Advocates 

Small businesses form the lynchpin of the U.S. cleantech innovation ecosystem, and these entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever to push cleantech forward. In addition to reducing costs for businesses and families across the country and addressing the growing threat of climate change, small businesses play a critical role in addressing the national security implications of the energy transition.

The Biden Administration recently released its 100-day review of supply chain vulnerabilities across the U.S. economy, which touches on a broad range of issues relevant to the energy sector—including electric vehicles, batteries, and critical materials. The report identifies the importance that small and medium-size businesses play across these critical supply chains to boost domestic innovation, manufacturing, and competitiveness.

Congress is due to pass legislation reauthorizing activities for the Small Business Administration, which presents an opportunity to improve upon the successes of the SBIR program. Over 100 clean energy business leaders have signed onto CEBN’s letter calling on Congress to implement improvements to the SBIR program. Join them and sign on to this letter to improve access to these programs for small businesses.