Press Release: EPA Standards are Important Long-term Market Signal for Power Sector Decarbonization

April 25, 2024

Andy Barnes,, Tel: 202-785-0507, ext. 1503

Washington, D.C. Lynn Abramson, President of the Clean Energy Business Network, provided the following statement after the Environmental Protection Agency announced a suite of finalized power sector regulations. These new rules include carbon emission limits on existing coal-fired and new natural gas-fired power plants:

CEBN welcomes EPA’s final carbon standards rule for the power sector as an important long-term market signal for power sector decarbonization. We look forward to helping small businesses across the country commercialize and deploy clean energy technologies that will reduce emissions and produce cleaner air over the next 15 years and beyond.” 


The Clean Energy Business Network (CEBN) is the small business voice for the clean energy economy, working to enhance opportunities for clean energy providers through policy support, market and technology education, and business development assistance.