Recording: Powering Forward 1 – FEMA’s BRIC Program

April 27, 2020 | Andy Barnes, Program Manager, Clean Energy Business Network

Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) is a new program at FEMA to help states, local communities, tribes and territories undertake hazard mitigation projects to reduce risks from disasters and natural hazards. This webinar hosted by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Clean Energy Business Network, and National Association of State Energy Officials covers this important program and ways it can help communities strengthen their energy resilience.

This is the first installment of Powering Forward, a webinar series from BCSE & CEBN that examines developments across the clean energy economy in the U.S. This series acknowledges unique impacts facing clean energy industries at this trying time, along with the vital role of our sectors in our future economic recovery. Each episode is produced collaboratively with partners working to advance clean energy, demonstrating that together, we can power forward through this crisis to emerge as a stronger, more resilient America.

Watch the webinar recording below. Access the slide presentation here.




  • Lisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy
  • Lynn Abramson, President, Clean Energy Business Network
  • David Terry, Executive Director, National Association of State Energy Officials
  • Camille Crain, Section Chief, Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities, Federal Emergency Management Agency
    State and Industry Perspectives
  • Ben Bolton,Energy Programs Administrator, Office of Energy Programs, Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation and Co-Chair, NASEO Energy Security Committee
  • Megan Levy, Director, Local Programs, Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation, WI Public Service Commission and Co-Chair, NASEO Energy Security Committee
  • Anna Pavlova, Vice President, Government Relations, Schneider Electric
  • Manny Perotin, Senior Project Manager, CDM Smith