Insight Into Funding Opportunities Supporting Inclusive, Community-Based Climate Solutions

March 20, 2022 | Annabelle Swift and Allie Judge, Associates

CEBN Funding Database Includes Opportunities for Inclusive, Community-based Climate Solutions

As a nonprofit or small business, time is the most important resource you have. Searching for funding opportunities that are a good fit for your organization can be a frustrating and time-intensive experience. CEBN helps keep track of these resources so you can focus more time on making a difference. 

The Clean Energy Business Network offers a free Cleantech Funding Database—which we’ve recently revamped to include several new categories relevant to companies and organizations making a positive societal impact:

  •  Community Focused” (under our “Type of Funding” dropdown) reflects funding to support community-based climate and clean energy programs 
  • Diversity/Inclusion” (under our “Type of Funding” dropdown) reflects funding geared at advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in cleantech  
  • Workforce Development” (under our “Eligible Technologies” dropdown) catalogues resources to support apprenticeships, training programs, and other workforce development initiatives 

Some funding opportunities will intersect across these various categories, and we will tag them according to all relevant search terms. Our database is updated weekly with new grants, accelerators, and programs that fit your technology area and stage of innovation, so please check back regularly! To discover more federal programs, take a look at the other entries in our Insight into Federal Programs series, which features deep dives on existing programs that can help you build your business or organization.

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Current Resources due in Spring 2022

We would particularly like to highlight these upcoming opportunities for spring 2022 focused on supporting community-based nonprofits and companies with innovations to advance justice, equity, diversity in cleantech:

  • EDF Summer of Action: Apply for $5,000 – $20,000 to support your work on resilience communities, climate/health equity, climate action, transportation electrification, and clean energy. Proposals are due April 8. 
  • ICLEI Action Fund: Submit a plan for achieving your city climate action plan while addressing inequality. Awardees will receive $1,000,000 for their identified activities. Applications are due July 15; express interest by April 11 to be considered. 
  • Rural Innovation Stronger Economy (RISE) Grants: RISE funding can be used to support workforce development programs, incubators, or training programs in low-income rural areas. Applications are due April 19. 
  • Research Development and Partnership Pilot (RDPP): A new grant opportunity for up to $150,000 available to colleges and universities that are underrepresented in DOE investment and have historically served disadvantaged student populations. Apply by April 20. 
  • EPA Energy Transitions in Underserved Communities: Receive $650,000 in funding for research addressing the drivers and environmental impacts of energy transitions in underserved communities. Apply by April 28. 
  • Civic Innovation Challenge: Compete to receive up to $50,000 to fund pilot projects on “Living in a Changing Climate” and “Resource & Service Equity.” Applications are due May 5. 
  • Miller Center Accelerator: This 6-month program for social entrepreneurs working on women’s economic empowerment and/or climate resilience is accepting applications until June 30. 
  • Grants for Grassroots Projects: Providing grants on a rolling basis, this organization prioritizes small BIPOC led and serving nonprofits working in areas of environmental justice. 
  • Clean Energy Innovator Fellowship: This program pairs recent graduates and energy professionals from diverse backgrounds with critical energy organizations to advance clean energy solutions. Apply to be a fellow or a host organization by May 6.