Hyperborean | Wichita, KS

HyperBorean is a newly founded cleantech company developing a portfolio of technology that uses waste heat to power refrigeration and air-conditioning loops contributing towards reduced energy consumption and lower environmental impacts. HyperBorean’s technology can improve quality of life in both industrialized and developing economies by making refrigeration and air-conditioning more affordable on an ongoing basis and more available in remote and developing areas that may not have reliable power infrastructure in place. The company is exploring a variety of heat sources, including solar panels, heat exchangers, and other thermo-electric devices for recovery of waste heat. Located in the mid-western region of Kansas, the company is also active in local economic development and innovation.

Specific partnership interests: Hyperborean’s staff are active in creating a strong ecosystem of investors and other service providers in the midwest by utilizing opportunity zones. The company is interested in ways to improve small business access to capital and attract investment into energy reduction and utility rate design.