Allie Judge | July 26, 2023 (Updated: December 15, 2023)

The Manufacture of Advanced Key Energy Infrastructure Technologies (MAKE IT) Prize through the American-Made Challenges will offer approximately $30 million in total funding to catalyze domestic manufacturing of critical clean energy technology components, moving manufacturing facilities from planning to shovel-ready and enabling strategies for vibrant manufacturing activity in communities.

The MAKE IT Prize is structured in two tracks: the Strategies Track and the Facilities Track (outlined below).

Both the Strategies and Facilities Track are still accepting applications for Phase 1 of the prize. New applicants should refer to the “Round 2” timeline for the Strategies Track and the “Secondary Timeline” for the Facilities Track.

Office Hours

As Power Connectors on the MAKE IT Prize, CEBN and yet2 will be providing support to applicants through February 15.

Strategies Track

The Strategies Track aims to help build interest and engagement around manufacturing clean energy technologies and expand the potential for more clean energy jobs and economic opportunity. In this track, competitors will be asked to develop a roadmap to establishing clean energy manufacturing in their region and secure a letter of commitment from an entity interested in establishing a facility in their region. The Strategies Track is open to teams working to promote manufacturing activity development in their regions.

Award Amounts

Awards will be split across both Round 1 and Round 2.

  • Phase 1: Engage – Up to 30 winners will receive $50,000 each
  • Phase 2: Create – Up to 20 winners will receive $100,000 each
  • Phase 3: Activate – Up to 8 winners will receive $250,000 each


  • August 17, 2023 – Informational Webinar (Recording)
  • October 18, 2023 – Phase 1: Engage Submission Deadline
  • May 2024 – Phase 2: Create Submission Deadline
  • November 2024 – Phase 3: Activate Submission Deadline

Round 2 (ONGOING)

  • February 15, 2024 – Phase 1: Engage Submission Deadline
  • November 2024 – Phase 2: Create Submission Deadline
  • May 2024 – Phase 3: Activate Submission Deadline
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Facilities Track

The Facilities Track accelerates clean energy technology manufacturing plant development and helps support establishing a robust, secure domestic supply chain for components deemed critical for the commercialization of clean energy technologies. This track invites U.S.-based entities with demonstrated commitment and capabilities in domestic manufacturing to complete and submit the work necessary for a shovel-ready manufacturing facility for specific clean energy technology components. Eligible components include:

  • Manufacturing and/or recycling of components for production, processing, delivery, and storage, of clean hydrogen and/or hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Manufacturing of components related to electric grid upgrades and long-duration energy storage.
  • Manufacturing of components related to carbon capture and storage.
Award Amounts
  • Phase 1: Scope – Up to 12 winners will receive $500,000 each
  • Phase 2: Shovel-Ready – Up to 4 winners will receive $4,500,000 each

Primary Timeline (DEADLINE PASSED)

Secondary Timeline (ONGOING)

  • February 1, 2024 – Statement of Intent Deadline
  • May 1, 2024 – Phase 1: Scope Deadline

Phase 2: Shovel-Ready

  • August 2024 – First Opportunity to Submit
  • November 2024 – Second Opportunity to Submit
  • February 2025 – Third Opportunity to Submit
  • May 2025 – Fourth Opportunity to Submit

Additional Resources

Do you need to build out your team with additional partners who can bring specific areas of expertise or connections to the table (e.g., manufacturing partners, technology experts, finance tools, legal/regulatory matters, geographies)?

Reach out to others interested in the MAKE IT Prize and discuss opportunities to bridge these gaps. You can be part of multiple teams under different lead entities, so if a finance provider in New Hampshire may have relevant tools for your project in North Dakota, go ahead and reach out! Below are some ideas for how you can find partners: