Press Release: CEBN Announces New Partnership with The Heat is Power Association

June 6, 2019 | Andy Barnes, Program Manager

June 6, 2019
Contact: Andy Barnes

CEBN Announces New Partnership with The Heat is Power Association

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The CEBN is pleased to highlight a new partnership with The Heat is Power Association (HiP), the national trade association for the waste heat to power (WHP) industry. Under this new arrangement, CEBN President Lynn Abramson and Program Manager Andy Barnes will assist in promoting the WHP industry in Washington, DC and work to advance HiP’s policy objectives on the federal level.

In conjunction with the start of this new partnership, HiP also announced new leadership, as Pat Sharkey will be taking over as Executive Director of the organization effective June 1. Ms. Sharkey succeeds Susan Brodie, who has led the association since 2013.

In response, CEBN President Lynn Abramson commented: “The CEBN looks forward to working with HiP under Pat’s leadership to advance the collective waste heat to power sector. WHP represents a huge opportunity to create clean energy jobs, bolster businesses, and boost resilience and environmental outcomes in communities across the U.S.”

Ms. Sharkey brings 23 years of experience practicing environmental law in large national law firms, in addition to founding her own practice, Environmental Law Counsel, P.C. where she has served as President since 2011. Pat will maintain her role as Policy Director of the Midwest Cogeneration Association (MCA), which works to advance combined heat and power and WHP across eight midwestern states.

HiP Chairman John Prunkl added, “HiP has put together a dynamic new team with Pat and CEBN. We have worked with Pat in her role at the MCA for many years. Her passion and leadership on CHP policy issues coupled with her knowledge of WHP make her a great fit for HiP Executive Director. At the same time, strengthening HiP’s collaboration with CEBN and the opportunity to work with Lynn and Andy in Washington is exciting. With the new Congress and new legislative opportunities in many states, we look forward to even greater opportunities to educate legislators, to raise the profile of WHP as a zero-emission clean energy resource, and to support policies that increase deployment of WHP throughout the country.”

Lynn Abramson extended her appreciation to Ms. Brodie and former HiP federal affairs director Tobyn Anderson, who recently took a position on Capitol Hill: “Susan’s leadership and efforts working to advance WHP have been phenomenal. She has been a champion and effective messenger for the waste heat to power sector, and we look forward to continuing to work with this terrific organization she has spearheaded these past seven years.” Abramson added, “Additionally, it has been a pleasure working with Tobyn. His knowledge of the industry and the law were deep, and we look forward to continuing the presence he has built for waste heat to power industry within the U.S. government.”

HiP is the trade association for the WHP industry. WHP uses waste heat from industrial processes to generate electricity with no additional fuel, no combustion, and no incremental emissions. HiP educates policymakers about clean energy from waste heat and advocates for policies that provide parity for WHP with other sources of clean energy. HiP also works with other organizations to ensure coordinated, consistent and effective WHP messaging.

Visit the Heat is Power Association website for more information.



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