Tell Congress to Support Innovation & Clean Energy Funding

February 14, 2023 | Annabelle Swift, Associate, CEBN

Every year, Congress establishes funding levels for federal agencies across the government. Known as appropriations, this process begins with the annual release of the President’s budget request. Members of Congress on the House and Senate Appropriations Committees then work to formulate funding levels to be considered by each chamber, which usually are then used to negotiate a final budget representing both houses of Congress. On March 9, President Biden released a high-level budget request to inform this process.

CEBN annually engages with lawmakers to demonstrate the importance of strong support for the cleantech innovation ecosystem through DOE funding for clean energy research, development, and demonstration programs.  In 2022, 110+ business leaders signed onto CEBN’s letter in support of clean energy innovation programs.

We invite you to sign on to the current letter for FY24 Appropriations to be sent to congressional appropriators in the coming days. Your voice can make a real impact in ensuring continued robust funding for clean energy. 


This year’s letter urges Congress to support robust funding for clean energy research, development, deployment, and demonstration programs at the Department of Energy in Fiscal Year 2024. The Department of Energy (DOE) is a key resource supporting cleantech innovation and clean energy businesses; the voice of industry is critical in ensuring the DOE is appropriately funded. 

You may sign the letter as an individual or on behalf of your organization.