Tax Action Central

October 17, 2019 | Lynn Abramson, President, CEBN

In fall 2019, Congress is considering a range of tax measures. Items on the table include reinstatement, extension, and/or modification of a number of clean energy tax credits. CEBN’s Tax Action Central provides all the tools you need to understand and engage in this debate to ensure your voice is heard on tax priorities for your business.

  1. SIGN OUR GROUP LETTER: Please consider signing onto CEBN’s group business letter expressing general support for reinstating and extending clean energy tax measures.
  2. SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: In addition, with just two clicks you can send a message to your representatives to weigh in on your company’s top priorities. See the links below for suggested messages reflecting legislation currently pending in Congress for most of the major clean energy sectors. These messages are fully customizable.
  3. COMPLETE OUR SURVEY: Finally, please complete our brief, 2-question survey on your tax priorities so that we can reach out to you if there are individual opportunities to engage your representatives.
  4. LEARN: CEBN held a webinar Oct. 17 providing an update on clean energy tax policy. View the recording below and download the slide deck here.



Note: As a diverse coalition, not all CEBN members endorse or take a position on the provisions mentioned above. This content is to assist CEBN members with their specific engagement on these measures. If there is pending legislation on a tax matter that is a priority for your business that is not included in the list, please feel free to contact us at to discuss further. You may also edit any of the template messages above to discuss your tax priorities in lieu of the suggested messages.