Call for Abstracts: CEBN Technical Dialogues

July 31, 2019 | Lynn Abramson, President


(Eligibility: Must be a premium member or willing to join upon acceptance.)

The Clean Energy Business Network is seeking abstracts for prospective speakers and authors of content for the upcoming Technical Dialogues series.

CEBN is a community of 3,000+ professionals across 50 U.S. states and nearly 350 Congressional districts spanning every aspect of the clean energy economy, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural gas, and other advanced energy and transportation technologies.

In fall 2019, CEBN is launching its Technical Dialogues series to leverage the collective expertise of this diverse community to advance industry collaboration, thought leadership, and networking. Akin to a virtual conference, the dialogues will be structured around particular themes enabling expert-to-expert education and conversation on a range of technological, financial, business, and policy topics relevant to clean energy.

Presenters may offer EITHER a 15- minute webinar presentation OR a guest blog post. CEBN will group related topics together as a virtual panel. As an example, see this webinar on clean energy solutions produced in 2018 by the Climate Collaborative in collaboration with CEBN.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to present allows your firm to showcase your expertise or unique technology solutions to a nationwide audience, spurring potential partnerships with complementary business partners.


The opportunity to present a Technical Dialogue is a benefit reserved for premium CEBN members only. Membership does not guarantee acceptance; however, staff will seek to provide feedback and refine your proposed topic if it is not immediately accepted. If you are not yet a premium member, you will be asked to upgrade after acceptance in order to move forward with the presentation.

Selection Process and Timelines:

Complete this brief form to submit your proposed topic

Initial selections and calendar of presentations will be announced in August 2019, and then on a rolling basis thereafter.

Presentations will be open to the public, recorded, and disseminated broadly to the CEBN, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (CEBN’s parent organization), and relevant industry partners. 

Topics of Interest:

Proposed topics should be geared primarily toward clean energy experts and small businesses. While you may certainly discuss your firm’s technology, services, and case studies, please do so within the context of a broader topical discussion–these dialogues should NOT be purely marketing in nature. Examples of suggested topics include the following:

  • New technology, finance, and business model innovations revolutionizing the energy industry
  • Unique energy solutions focused around specific market segments or customer types — e.g., solutions for utilities, industrial clients, commercial buildings, home retrofits, hospitals, etc.
  • “How-to” advice for small companies across the business life-cycle – e.g., startup management and fundraising, general business management, investment, marketing, etc.
  • Ideas for new types of multi-technology or multi-sector collaborations
  • Insights on policy or government developments at the state or federal level
  • Additional suggestions welcome!