The Cleanie Awards™ are accepting nominations

June 7, 2019 | The Cleanie Awards™

The Cleanie Awards™ are accepting nominations! Are you a cleantech and clean energy superstar?

The Cleanie Awards recognizes outstanding companies and professionals in clean technology, renewable energy and solar, wind and water power. The  awards’ categories include rising young star, woman of the year, startups and entrepreneurs—all of which is critical to the continued success of the diverse and rapidly changing clean energy industry.

If you haven’t read about The Cleanie Awards, check them out here—there’s something for everybody, from Fortune 100 companies and startups to pioneering individuals and leading industry veterans.

And who doesn’t like awards? They’re the cherry on top of your sundae, the feather in your cap, the icing on your cake. But submitting for awards? It always sounds like a great idea, but then you get busy and who has the extra hours to fill out the forms, pull all the materials.

The Cleanies has a streamlined online entry process—check it out here!—to register, briefly describe the project and add supporting files to submit a nomination! There are 12 award categories:

Distinguished Categories

These awards honor cleantech’s living legends.

·     Lifetime Achievement Award: This award honors a visionary who has pushed the envelope and elevated the cleantech and renewable energy industry. Note: there is NO FEE to nominate people for this award.

·     Woman of the Year: This award honors a woman who has shown exceptional leadership, innovation, and mentorship in the cleantech industry. Note:all organizations can nominate for this award. If you’re a non-profit, we will work with you on fees.


Enterprise Categories

These awards recognize the clean tech and renewable energy industry companies setting the bar for excellence.

·     Company of the Year: Two for-profit companies creating breakthrough innovation will be awarded, one with 1000+ employees, and one with less than 1000 employees.

·     Investment or Venture Capital Organization of the Year: This single award spanning a diverse group of investment organizations (venture fund, investment or private equity firms) have created milestone deals for the industry. Note:accepting nominations for organizations or specific teams.

·     Product of the Year: This award recognizes a product that excelled in the marketplace in the last year.

·     Project of the Year: This award recognizes a project that made a tangible impact in the marketplace in the last year.

Campaign Categories

Strategy, tactics, results. The winners of these awards created campaigns that were so effective they need to be shared across the industry.

·     Best Public Relations Campaign: This innovative PR campaign elevated a brand’s messages across multiple platforms (traditional, digital, video) to reach key audiences—with the results to prove it.

·     Best Public Affairs Campaign: This stand-out campaign influenced key stakeholders and successfully brought attention to a critical issue in the cleantech community.


Non-Profit, Startup and Dynamo Categories

These awards recognize boundary-pushing non-profits, lean startups, visionary entrepreneurs and cleantech wunderkinds. There is a reduced submission fee for these categories.

  • Non-Profit of the Year: This award will be given to one non-profit, of any size, making huge impact.
  • Startup of the Year: These companies are on a path to becoming future companies of the year. Two startups will be awarded, one with a fantastic idea or proof of concept (Bootstrapped to Series A) and one that has demonstrated fast growth and successful market penetration (Series B and Beyond).
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: These visionaries are driving their company and the overall industry’s success. Two entrepreneurs will be awarded, one with a proven track record, and one who is breaking new ground with a great idea.
  • Rising Star Under 40: This award will be given to a young professional who has shown exceptional leadership and desire to grow their cleantech career. Note: all organizations can nominate for this award.