Press Release: CEBN responds to Biden Administration Review of U.S. Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

June 8, 2021 | Andy Barnes, Director of Policy & Communications


Andy Barnes, E-mail:, Cell: 310-418-9679

WASHINGTON, D.C. –The CEBN appreciates the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to conduct a rapid and thorough review of supply chain vulnerabilities across the U.S. economy. CEBN President Lynn Abramson expressed the following comments on the release of the 100-day supply chain review report:

“COVID-19 disruptions have exposed many vulnerabilities of the U.S. supply chain. The report highlights proposed solutions to build a more resilient supply chain, and touches on a broad range of issues relevant to the energy sector—including electric vehicles, batteries, and critical materials.”

“As the small business voice for the clean energy economy, the Clean Energy Business Network is especially encouraged to see the report’s recognition of the importance that small and medium-size businesses play across these critical supply chains. To boost domestic innovation, manufacturing, and competitiveness, CEBN has called on Congress to support a multi-billion-dollar boost to vital research, demonstration, and deployment programs across all Science and Energy program areas at DOE. This includes investments across the National Labs and through critical programs like the Small Business Innovation Research, Small Business Technology Transfer, and American-Made Challenges programs. In addition, we are working to make such programs even more accessible and impactful for small businesses, particularly in under-served communities. Additionally, CEBN supports continuing and expanding tax credits for clean energy technologies to continue to drive innovation and the development of new markets.”


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