Ampcera (Tucson, AZ): Inflation Reduction Act offers a road beyond price volatility

The Arizona Daily Star, August 2022

Sumin Zhu, PhD, CEO of Ampcera, authored an op-ed published in the Arizona Daily Star explaining how the Inflation Reduction Act will support clean energy jobs and reduce reliance on foreign fossil fuels.
Ampcera has a scalable and low cost solid-state electrotype technology with applications for lithium batteries, battery recycling, and electric vehicle charging, and has production facilities in Tucson, Arizona.
Zhu writes, “The Inflation Reduction Act provides $369 billion in investments to speed up the transition to a clean energy economy and save Arizona consumers significant amounts annually… Rocky Mountain Institute projects clean energy tax credits similar to those in this package would reduce utility bills $5 billion by 2024, and Rhodium Group estimates these policies would reduce energy costs 12-14% for households by 2030.