Pickering Energy Solutions (Williamstown, WV): Up to Us to Move Forward

The News and Sentinel, November 2021

Charles Pickering, Founder of Pickering Energy Solutions, authored an op-ed published in the News and Sentinel explaining the opportunities clean energy provides West Virginia’s economy.
Pickering writes, “West Virginia is uniquely poised to be able to deliver this to the eastern seaboard — we’re already wired for it. We have the land and the natural resources to grasp these opportunities and have our workforce ready and willing to help. It’s up to us and our senators to participate in a big way in the future of power generation going forward, and the Build Back Better bill will help us reach that future faster.”
Pickering Energy Solutions, established 2012 in Williamstown, WV, deploys solar projects for municipal buildings, schools and universities, non-profits, and businesses.