Clean Energy Spotlights (September 2022)

At CEBN, we see innovators and entrepreneurs every day working to create a more affordable, sustainable, and accessible clean energy future. Every other month, CEBN will shine a spotlight on clean energy changemakers across our premium member network.

This month, the spotlight is on businesses building resilient microgrids, developing organics-to-renewable energy projects, performing energy retrofits, and supplying electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

CHP Microgrid Improves Resiliency at Housing Development in Hurricane Zone

Capstone Green Energy installed a microgrid to improve resiliency at an affordable housing development in St. Thomas. The project includes seven microturbines, 820 kWH of battery storage, and a 150 kW solar array. The hurricane-hardened microgrid produces 1-million kWh of electricity annually and over a billion BTUs in hot water for the site. The greenhouse gas emissions reductions are the equivalent of removing over 100 cars from the road and planting 400 acres of forest each year in St. Thomas. Learn more about the project!

Vanguard Renewables Announces Acquisition by BlackRock Real Assets

Vanguard Renewables, a U.S. leader in organics-to-renewable energy, recently announced that a fund managed by BlackRock Real Assets has acquired the company. BlackRock Real Assets will partner with Vanguard Renewables’ management team to build upon the company’s market-leading track record and drive its next phase of growth, including its plans to commission more than 100 anaerobic digesters to produce renewable natural gas across the country by 2026.

NuWorld Energy

Headquartered in New Jersey, NuWorld Energy has 10 years of experience in providing energy audit and construction management services to public sector clients. Through energy as a service, NuWorld installs and maintains all-new state-of-the-art energy-efficient upgrades/retrofits – while charging customers less for the energy and maintenance than they’re currently spending for both. And, all this is done without any upfront investment or debt. Learn more about how NuWorld Energy makes energy efficiency easy!

Georgia Green Energy Services

Georgia Green Energy Services is a leading supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to many of the USA’s largest, industry-leading property owners, organizations, and private sectors. The firm also serves the electric vehicle needs of homeowners, corporations, and other small businesses. Learn more about Georgia Green Energy!

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