CEBN Webinar Recording: Workforce Demographics, Attitude Shifts, and the Transformation of Work

October 2, 2019 | Andy Barnes, Program Manager, Clean Energy Business Network

What does the latest research show about how the workforce is changing? How do workers’ priorities vary by generation? And how are these trends impacting benefits? Learn more about your current and future employees’ interests so you can better understand how to attract and retain talent. Hear from leading legal, financial, and strategic experts on topics such as:

  • What’s the top benefit of interest to your employees?
  • What do most employers get wrong about Health Savings Accounts?
  • How do employees weigh healthcare and caregiving costs in job decisions?
  • Do diversity initiatives impact business success?

Watch the webinar recording below. Access the slide presentation here and Bank of America’s 2019 Workplace Benefits Report here.




  • Ed Farrington, Executive Vice President, Retirement Strategies, Natixis Investment Managers
  • Phillip Jordan, Vice President, BW Research Partnership
  • Surya Kolluri, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch