FAA Reauthorization: Pre-Disaster Mitigation Preparedness and Response through Clean Energy

The CEBN sent a letter to Senate leaders in support of provisions in the House-passed FAA Reauthorization bill that would encourage the incorporation of clean and resilient energy technologies into pre-disaster planning.

In light of the myriad of natural threats facing U.S. communities including hurricanes, floods, and wildfires, there is an imminent need to focus national attention on preparation. By strengthening our nation’s infrastructure and preparedness, we can reduce devastation and facilitate quicker recovery times when natural disasters strike. Congress recently considered various legislative approaches, including the provisions in the House-passed FAA bill (H.R. 4), to encourage pre-disaster mitigation and response planning. Pre-disaster mitigation can include working to create a more advanced electric grid, more resilient building and transportation infrastructure, the ability to manage load more responsively, and more secure power and fuel supplies.