Press Release: CEBN Supports Clean Energy Innovators Across the U.S.

October 8, 2020 | Andy Barnes, Director of Policy & Communications


October 8, 2020


Andy Barnes,

As CEBN supports cleantech innovators through American-Made Solar program, state fact sheets, funding database– the group surges to 4,500 members

WASHINGTON, D.C. –The Clean Energy Business Network recently surpassed 4,500 members and supporters in its network of clean energy business leaders in a flurry of summer and fall activities.

The CEBN is proud to highlight its recent support of the American-Made Solar initiative. Administered by the National Renewable Energies Laboratory, the program has doled out $12 million in funding through three rounds of competitions, and CEBN recently worked to promote the launch of the fourth iteration of the prize, which begins today.

CEBN President Lynn Abramson remarked, “Three prior winners of this event we recently featured in a CEBN webinar serve as case studies in how the federal government can directly support the cleantech innovation ecosystem. These businesses are directly supporting jobs across the country and contributing towards a more resilient clean energy future.”

In addition to bolstering the American-Made Solar prize, the CEBN recently released 50 state clean energy infographics in honor of National Clean Energy Week. Abramson noted, “CEBN’s infographics project underscores the progress being made across the U.S. Whether through project deployment or advanced energy R&D, every state is contributing to the clean energy economy in its own way.”

The fact sheets feature in-depth state level data on key metrics like clean energy jobs, deployment, CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and impacts from federal R&D investments.

Earlier this year the CEBN opened up its clean energy funding database to the public in light of the impacts from COVID-19. The database has highlighted over $1 billion in funding opportunities for early-stage clean energy companies. This resource is one of several the CEBN has worked to provide its members working through the COVID-19 crisis.

We remain committed to supporting the cleantech innovation ecosystem through policy, communications, and business development as we continue to grow the network.


CEBN is the small business voice for the clean energy economy, working to enhance opportunities for clean energy providers through policy support, market and technology education, and business development assistance.